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Future Geoscientists is a pair of fun games to allow anyone to imagine the future of geoscience! By collaboratively imagining the future, this game offers an accessible, creative and future-facing way to learn about the subject.

The games are designed to be played through an online video call with one person screensharing, or in person where everyone can see the same screen.

Game 1 is inspired by Situation Lab's "The Thing from the Future" while game 2 is adapted from the popular ‘would you rather’ format.

Created by Finn Strivens and Dr. Kathryn Hadler

Funded by Imperial College Rapid Response Seed Fund

Web design by Eva Oosterlaken

  1. Generate a set of three random cards
  2. Every player has 1 minute to imagine and draw a future object using the prompts
  3. You can click on the cards to reveal additional prompts
  4. After 1 minute players share their objects and vote for their favourite object
  5. Draw new cards and go again!
  6. The first player to imagine three winning objects wins the game!
  1. Generate two sets of two random cards
  2. Each pair of cards shows a possible future career in geoscience
  3. You can click on the card to learn more about it
  4. Players should discuss the different options and eventually vote for the career they like the sound of most
  5. Anyone who votes for the least popular option gets one point
  6. The first player to five points wins!

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